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Diabetes / Diabetic Foot Care: Salt Lake City & West Jordan, Utah

Diabetes is a major public health problem which is reaching global epidemic status.  Many patients with diabetes will develop diabetic peripheral neuropathy which means their feet become numb.  When no pain is felt, a poor fitting shoe, cuts and scraps, ingrown nails and other problems can go unnoticed. Calluses with continued pressure can break down into diabetic ulcerations.  A wound on a patient with diabetes has a higher chance of becoming infected than if the patient is not diabetic.  If a wound becomes infected, there is a need for antibiotics, extended wound care, extended non weight bearing to the foot and unfortunately hospitalizations with surgical intervention including amputations.  Patients with diabetes require special attention and care to prevent diabetes related foot complications.

image of diabetic foot

Diabetes related foot complications:

  • Numbness
  • Tingling or shooting pains in feet
  • Dry flaky skin
  • Open sores
  • Calluses


Things you can do to help prevent diabetic foot problems

  • Control blood sugar levels with the help of your primary care physician.  Aim for a hemoglobin A1c level below 7.0.
  • Examine your feet regularly. Use a mirror if needed to check the bottom of your feet for problems.  See your podiatrist for any open wounds or other concerning findings.
  • If numbness is present in feet, have preventative foot care performed by your podiatrist, including nail trimming and callus removal with sterilized tools.
  • Wear diabetic socks and shoes.  Dr. Goebel will help you find the correct length and width.  In many cases your insurance company will pay for a pair of approved shoes once a year.  Just pick a style you like from our in office shoe store.
  • Moisturize your feet daily.

Call us for any questions regarding diabetes related foot care.  Our goal is to keep you on your feet and problem free.

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