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Hammertoe Surgery – Helpful Info – Utah


What are hammertoes?

Hammer toes are characterized by contractures of the joints in the toes.  Other than the big toe, each toe has two joints in it.   A classic hammer toe is buckling of the joint closest to the rest of the foot (the proximal interphalangeal joint).   When the joint closer to the toenail is contracted, this is called a Mallet toe.  When both joints are contracted, this is call a Claw toe.   It is common the for the condition to get worse with time.

ingrown toenail, claw toe, and mallet toe picture

What symptoms do hammertoes produce?

Some hammer toes are not painful, other may be very painful.  The deformity in the toes makes it difficult to find shoes that fit.  Ill fitting shoes may produce painful callus on the tops or the tips of the toes.  In more advanced cases, toenails may become deformed, due to walking on the tips of the toes.

What are some hammertoe treatments?

  • Better fitting shoes.
  • Custom pads, inserts, or cushions
  • trimming of painful calluses
  • Surgery

We’ll do our best to educate you on the best treatments available given your personal situation. It’s our goal to make sure you know all your options so you can have the best chance at a speedy recovery. Call and make an appointment today at any of our two locations in Utah: Salt Lake City, and West Jordan, Utah.

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